Thursday, November 04, 2004

"Peace and Love"

Today's Washington Post relates the horrifying last minutes of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh as he paid the price for criticizing Islamic oppression of women:
He was repeatedly shot and stabbed. "Don't do it. Don't do it. Have mercy. Have mercy!" the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper quoted Van Gogh as begging his killer.

Another Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, said the killer shot Van Gogh eight or nine times, then calmly slipped the weapon into the pocket of his beige raincoat before bending over Van Gogh and slitting his throat.

<>Of course the killer was calm -- Van Gogh's murder was not spur of the moment act, driven by passion. It was a planned act of terror, consciously conceived and executed on a city street in broad daylight to send a message: criticize Islam and you will be killed. Islamism depends on fear and violence, just like any other repressive religious movement or totalitarian ideology. It especially thrives due to a religous culture that glamorizes and promotes such violence against both infidels and heretics (read: anyone who disagrees with the most militant iman).

The Washington Post reports that more than 20,000 "filled Amsterdam's central square" to protest the killings and that government officials had held "crisis meettings" over the situation. Apparently, the normally taciturn people of The Netherlands have had quite enough violence from the militant Islamists (who they thoughtlessly allowed into the country). The Dutch have been mercifully free from sectarian violence for centuries; how sad they invited it back by leaving the door open.

Why Van Gogh's murder isn't getting more press in the U.S.? Answer: Because it's politically incorrect to show Muslims in a negative light.


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