Wednesday, January 19, 2005

British Taxpayer-Supported Imam Rallies for al-Qaeda

The radical Islamic cleric who has made Britain his home for the better part of two decades, living on public welfare as he spews his hatred for the West (see post below), has not only carried his bile onto the Internet, but has presided at secret rallies for al-Qaeda, the Times reports.

About 600 people, including women and children, punched the air and chanted Allahu akbar (God is greatest) as they were shown videos of hijacked airliners crashing into the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11, 2001. Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical Syrian-born cleric, said that if the British Government did not relax its tough anti- terrorism laws, the response from Muslims would be “horrendous”. He added: “I declare we should ourselves join the global Islamic camp against the global crusade camp.”

The event was held this month at The Friends Meeting House in Central London, the British headquarters of the Quaker movement. Mr Bakri Mohammed’s followers booked the hall for a health conference entitled Women’s Dawah UK and the Quakers were unaware that it was a political gathering.

Fortunately, two reporters were present at this wonderful example of the cultural "diversity" and provided a detailed account of the event. No doubt they will shortly be accused of "Islamophobia" by the UK's very vocal Muslim organizations, who will insist that all news accounts of this event be censored so as not to "inflame racist passions" against Muslims by ugly, racist Britons.

So how, you may wonder, did Mr. Bakri Mohammed come to reside in the West? And what does the UK government plan to do about him in light of his activties?
The Muslim cleric came to Britain in 1986 after being expelled from Saudi Arabia and was granted indefinite leave to remain here. Mr Clarke said that the Home Office would help him to leave Britain, as some reports have suggested he wishes. “I have asked my officials that they explore the truth or otherwise that he wishes to return to Syria or Lebanon, and after that exploration we will do all in our power to assist him to return.”
If he wishes? If he wishes? Let's get this right, a radical Islamist spends almost twenty years living in Britain on the taxpayer's bill, whilst he foments violence and terror against the very people who are sustaining his lifestyle and the best the British government can do is "assist him?" Can there be any wonder why the Islamists think the West weak? The first time Mr. Bakri Mohammed was caught inciting violence against Britain or its allies, he should have been hauled in front of a court and speedily deported (preferably the same day) to the first Islamic country that would take his worthless carcass. Of course, he should never have been admitted to Britain in the first place. He serves as yet another example of the asinine immigration and asylum policies that have so endangered the US and Europe.

The same should apply to the 600 people who attended this rally. All should be expelled from the UK immediately. Britain is a tolerant society but tolerance does not mandate suicide. Even the most tolerant society cannot tolerate indefinitely those who would destroy it once their rhetoric becomes incitement.

The British people - and their American cousins - had better wake up quickly and demand that their governments start acting in their interests and not that of the Islamists, or the mandarins of multiculturalism who have brought this danger into their towns and cities.


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