Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Malaysia Crackdown Sends Illegals Scurrying

After thrice extending the deadline for illegal immigrants to leave its borders in deference to the devastation of last December's deadly tsunami, which devastated large swaths of coastal Indonesia - native home to many of the illegal immigrants - Malaysia's amnesty period ends today. The result? Illegal immigrant are fleeing in droves.
About 1,000 men and women - carrying bags, gifts and portable stereos - jostled to buy tickets aboard one of five ships sailing for Indonesia's Sumatra island. Another 1,000 lined up at a nearby hall to register for berths on two Indonesian naval ships that would carry them to Java, south of Sumatra.
'I feel sad leaving but I don't want to be whipped or jailed. I will definitely come back legally,' said Mohamad Sifud, 30, who has worked illegally as a construction worker for 10 years.
Unlike the US, whose politicians dismiss even the notion that illegal immigrants could ever be deported, Malaysia's government actually means to excise those foreigners living in the country in defiance of its laws. The government has warned illegals that they face harsh penalties, including caning (whipping) if they are caught in Malaysia after the amnesty ends. Aside from resolve and determination to protect its borders, the Malaysian government has something else the US lacks: credibility. Illegal immigrants in Malaysia know that the government means business.
'Enough has been said. I hope the illegals take us serious and leave by today,' Home Minister Azmi Khalid told The Associated Press.

Immigration officials expected 12,000 to 15,000 immigrants to return Monday, adding to the 400,000 who already returned home. Some half million illegal workers were expected to remain in Malaysia despite the crackdown beginning Tuesday.
Indonesia has echoed the concerns of international human rights groups that overzealous officials in Malaysia may use excessive force against the migrants.
Fortunately for Malaysians, their government is not deterred by rhetoric from the country that causes Malaysia's illegal immigrant problem, or the "rights" organizations that hamper border enforcement. Americans should wonder why little Malaysia can do what the mighty US can't.


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