Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mugabe Exploits Pope's Funeral

Fresh from a victory in Zimbabwe's national elections, which most observers denounced as rigged, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has used the occasion of Pope John Paul II's funeral to dodge a European Union ban and travel to Europe to pose for the cameras. Due to its treaty with the Vatican, Italy cannot refuse him entry. Zimbabwe's Catholic leaders readily expressed their disgust.
"That man will use any opportunity to fly to Europe to promote himself. The man is shameless," Archbishop [Pius] Ncube told the Associated Press news agency.
According to the AP, before leaving for Europe, Mr. Mugabe used a memorial service at Zimbabwe's leading catherdral to denounce his critics in the West.

The EU ban extends to Mr. Mugabe and close to 100 of his cronies, who are forbidden to travel to EU countries. It was imposed after election observers accused Mr. Mugabe and his political associates of employing fraud and violence to win Zimbabwe's 2002 president election. A similar ban against Mr. Mugabe exists in the US.

Mr. Mugabe's racist and dictatorial policies, which include the expropriation of private land for the use of his political supporters, massive corruption and cronyism and the use of intimidation througout the Zimbabwe's political system, have brought his country to the brink of economic destitution and mass starvation (see previous post). But at least he has been able to negotiate trade deals with the Chinese, who are eager to form alliances with any anti-Western Third World dictator.


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