Wednesday, May 04, 2005

London Group Urges Muslims to Avoid Voting

As Britons prepare to head to the polls for the upcoming general election, a London Islamist group is exhorting devout Muslims to shun the election process because voting - and democracy itself - contravenes Islamic law spelled out in the Koran.

Al Ghurabaa, [the Islamist group] allegedly behind the disruption at George Galloway's political hustings in Bethnal Green last week, have adopted the catch phrase, "Stay Muslim, Don't Vote".

At the meeting on Friday in the Express Holiday Inn, they advised Muslims in Waltham Forest that according to the Koran, voting is not allowed and no-one should take part in any way in the elections.

A statement issued by the group said: "It is not allowed for Muslims to be part of Parliament or to participate in it, whether by being a candidate, an MP, a worker to maintain it, a chef or cook for people involved, or work in any kind of administrative position or any other service in it."

The group says legislation cannot be carried out by the people for the people, but only by Allah himself.

Eliminating elections represents just one plank in Al Ghurabaa's ambitious platform to restructure British society.

A spokesman said they would like to see a future UK as an Islamic state run under Sharia law, a code of living for Muslims which can be implemented to varying degrees.

Sajid Sharif, a member of the group said: "We will have our own schools, our own slaughtering systems and our own funeral ceremonies, just as the Jews do in this country."

Al Ghurabaa, who strongly criticised the UK and USA for going to war in Iraq, have promised to step up their activities as the election approaches. They were unable to explain what benefit disrupting the campaign of the most vociferous anti-war candidate, George Galloway, would have for the people of Iraq.

They said their main motivation was to steer Muslims away from disobeying the Koran.

More moderate Muslims denied that the Koran prohibits Muslims from voting or that Islam and democracy are incompatible. Nevetheless, it is to be noted that the history of democracy throughout the Islamic world (Morrocco, Algeria, Turkey) shows that democracy flourishes only briefly before radical Islamists get voted into power and disassemble it, or the secular military rolls out to unseat the Islamic government and reinstall democracy. Moreover, Islamist terrorists around the world - especially those loyal to al-Qaeda - have consistently declared democracy unacceptable under the Koran and have vowed to wage jihad against the infidel idea.

As more and more European Muslims flock to radical imams and militant Islamist groups, native Europeans need to once again reconsider the policy of admitting so many immigrants from Islamic nations, whose cultural worldview is so radically dissimilar to the secular liberal outlook of European civilization. The Netherlands is paying the price for decades of indifference to immigration and defense of native Dutch culture. If measures are not taken soon, the Dutch experience could be suffered across all of Europe.


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