Thursday, July 14, 2005

France Moves to Secure Its Borders

In the aftermath of last week's deadly Islamist terror bombings in London, the French government did something rare -- it acted sensibly to protect its own people from attack.
France has reimposed border controls with its European Union neighbours in response to the threat of attacks after the London bombings.

The move activates a safety clause of the Schengen open-border agreement between many EU countries.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy announced the measure after meeting EU counterparts in Brussels.

"If we don't reinforce border controls when around 50 people die in London, I don't know when I would," he said.

Indeed. And when 2,800 Americans are murdered by foreign terrorists you would think that Washington's first act would be to regain control of the nation's broken borders to prevent other terrorists from entering the country to do Americans harm. But no! The Bush administration has resolutely ignores the increasingly dire warnings of intelligence agencies, terrorist experts, security professionals, the pleading of Border Patrol agents and the clearly expressed desire of the American people and has left US borders virtually undefended as millions of aliens pour across them. The GOP controlled Congress has sat idly by and watched Bush's inaction on the border. Apparently, the French government would actually like to prevent a major terrorist attack on its soil, whilst Washington seems not to particular care if the terrorists penetrate America or not.


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