Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Australian Churches Attacked

The current rioting in Australia, the direct result of that country’s inane immigration policies, which were designed to "diversify" its population in strict adherence to multiculturalist dogma (that western people are bad), has taken on a religious aspect as the Muslim Lebanese immigrants who started the fighting by repeatedly assaulting white beach goers, have now taken to attacking Christian churches. But don’t look for these reports in US media, which are towing the predictable line that the rioting is the result of neo-Nazis and racist white youths. That would require both real, in-depth reporting, which few American media outlets have either the inclination or talent to do, and it would require breaking free from the politically correct, multiculturalist presuppositions that frame all news reportage in the US.

In an act many fear has escalated Sydney's racial violence to religious ground, two churches in Auburn were firebombed and trashed.

The twin attacks began another dramatic day of unrest in which racial tensions threatening to explode across Australia and ended with two rioters being thrown behind bars for their part in Sunday's riot at Cronulla.

Less than 24 hours after a neigbouring Catholic primary school was sprayed with gunfire, Auburn's Uniting Church hall was firebombed.

As the hall burned, 16 windows at nearby St Thomas Anglican Church were smashed.

The attack on Christian churches is a sure sign that the hundreds of thousands of Muslims that the Australians foolishly invited into their country are behaving in exactly the same fashion as their brethren in France, German, Britain, Phillipines and the US. That is, waging jihad against the cultures that let them in.


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