Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Consequences of Muslim Immigration

Britons should prepare for more terror attacks, according to the government’s main investigator of the terrorist threats.

The Government's anti-terror watchdog has warned there is a "a real and present danger" of new terror attacks in Britain.

Lord Carlile, the Government's independent reviewer of counter-terrorism laws, said documents shown to him by the Home Office were "sufficiently alarming" for him to conclude that suicide bombings similar to the July 7 attacks "must be expected".

The Liberal Democrat peer said: "The nature of the activities of which I have seen information is sufficiently alarming for me to re-emphasise ... the real and present danger of shocking terrorism acts involving suicide bombers.

"Further suicide bombings in the UK must be expected, and the targets are unpredictable."

What is significant about the Telegraph article is the complete absence of any mention about the source of these attacks. Just who among the British population might be contemplating such atrocities? Are Presbyterians building suicide vests in their basements? Are Japanese tourists concealing bombs in their digital cameras? Surely, the documents to which Lord Carlile alludes must have hinted at the identities of those planning suicide bombings. Or the fact that the only known suicide bombings in recent memory were carried out by British Muslims might give one a clue. But the Telegraph deliberately avoids any suggestion that Muslims might have anything to do with it. The words Muslim or Islamic do not appear even once in the entire piece.

In a similar, but related note, whilst newspapers across Europe have shown solidarity with Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, currently besieged by irate, violent Muslims (is that redundant?), by reprinting the cartoons which has so riled the Islamic masses, no British newspaper has done so, including the Telegraph. Nor have any American newspapers done so. Apparently, freedom of the press is a principle American and British journalists are perfectly willing to discard in the name of political correctness.

The cartoon controversy should be welcomed – and should receive far more coverage in the US press – because it so neatly delineates the culture clash between Islam and the West. If Islam is a religion of peace and love, why do Muslims always resort to threats and violence when criticized? If Islam is a religion of tolerance, then why do Muslim consistently fail to show tolerance towards non-Muslims? Finally, if Muslims across the world can so readily mobilize for protest and vociferous condemnation over mere newspaper cartoons, what should Westerners infer from their complete silence after September 11th? Or Bali? Or Madrid? This cannot be stated forcefully enough. If Muslims are roused to public anger and protest over cartoons allegedly defaming Mohammed, but remain silent when other Muslims murder thousands of civilians explicitly in the name of Islam, the only reasonable conclusion is that most Muslims are not outraged by such atrocities and are indeed sympathetic to their perpetrators. That alone should be enough to close the door on any further Muslim immigration to the West.


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