Monday, March 27, 2006

Quivering in Europe

Today’s TCS Daily carries a short article by J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss noting the extent to which Europeans cower before Muslim intimidation inside their own countries.

In Copenhagen's public schools, the only food available to students -- regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof -- are Halal (prepared according to Islamic dietary requirements). In Denmark, a country which enjoys well-deserved praise for the courage with which citizens came together to save its small Jewish community during World War II, Danish Jewish students today cannot attend certain public schools because their very presence is viewed by administrators as "provocative" to radicalized Muslim peers. The country's only Jewish school, Copenhagen's 300-pupil Carolineskolen, founded in 1805, nowadays is constrained to operate behind a double ring of barbed wire.

Naser Khader, the Damascus-born son of a Palestinian father and Syrian mother who has served as a Danish parliamentarian from the Social Liberal Party since 1994, now lives under round-the-clock police protection because he committed the "crime" of giving his daughter a kafir ("infidel," read "Western") name. Compounding his "apostasy," he founded a moderate Muslim group with over 700 members, Democratic Muslims, after the outbreak of the "cartoon jihad" to campaign against Islamic establishmentarianism. Imam Ahmad Abu Laban -- the same character who instigated Middle Eastern anti-Danish riots with his portfolio of doctored cartoons -- then labeled Mr. Khader and his supporters "rats in a hole." One of the members of Khader's new group, Iranian refugee Kamran Tahmesabi, recently told a Belgian newspaper, "It is an irony that I am today living in a European democratic state and have to fight the same religious fanatics that I fled from in Iran many years ago."

This is the concrete manifestation of the self-hatred spawned by multiculturalism, and its desired result (the negation of European civilization), if not the originally intended beneficiary. It should also be a warning sign to Americans, who over the weekend had a chance to see the flexing muscles of the foreign army that has been allowed to take up residence throughout the US. Appeasing aliens now, disregarding domestic laws, and failing to defend one’s culture at the first show of assault only pave the way for catastrophe down the line. Observe Europe and see America’s future.


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