Monday, September 25, 2006

Idiocracy, Part 2

With each passing day, evidence mounts that the "War on Terrorism" is pretty much a complete farce.

Dozens of foreign student pilots with questionable visas have been able to slip between the cracks and gain entry to American flight schools, federal officials tell ABC News.

The FAA says it is conducting an investigation of a number of flight instructors and schools, including one school which was attended by 9-ll hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi.

An internal Homeland Security document obtained by ABC News, says the post 9-11 program to prevent terrorists from entering US flight schools has been marked by "confusion and misinterpretations."

After 9/11, you would think that US flight schools would remain under the most exacting scruitiny from Homeland Security, since those schools had provided the training that helped murder more than 2,800 Americans.

Apparently not.

In a July, 2006 memo, the TSA complains the program has been flawed because other agencies, including the Department of State, have provided "conflicting and ambiguous" information about whether applicants had valid visas for flight training.

The result, according to officials involved in the program, is that "dozens" of foreign nationals have been able to receive pilot training and FAA licenses without full background checks.

In a handful of other cases, according to officials, foreign nationals have been able to enroll in flight schools and receive pilot training without any TSA approval.

One FAA inspector described the case of an Iranian on a terror watch list who was discovered training at a flight school in the South.

"He was training illegally, he had no TSA approval of any kind and we just happened to stumble across him," the FAA inspector told ABC News.

The Iranian was removed from flight training, according to the inspector, but could not be deported because he had a valid Canadian passport.

The flight training school debacle cannot be considered on its own. Nor can it be explained away as simple bureaucratic bungling. It must be pondered in concert with this administration's outright refusal to defend US borders, grant amnesty to upwards of 11 million illegal immigrants, and its allowance of record numbers of Arabs to immigrate to the US (see "Idiocracy" post, below). Taken together, the picture that emerges shows an administration that A.) either sees absolutely no threat of another major Islamic terrorist attack on US soil; B.) is actively hoping for another attack; C.) is incomprehensively, grossly incompetent.

In any event, is it at all surprising that this administration can't secure Baghdad, when it can't even keep terror-listed Iranians out of US flights schools?


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