Monday, February 05, 2007

The UK's Pakistani Disaster

As poll after poll (see posts below) finds more and more British muslims sympathetic to, or openly supportive of, jihad against the West (including their "home" country, the UK), British police uncover yet another terrorist plot involving homegrown muslims: to abduct, torture and behead British muslim soldiers.

For the past six months, every police force in the country, backed by the intelligence services and foreign security agencies, has been involved in uncovering what, if proved, would be the most extraordinary terror plot yet uncovered in Britain. Known as Operation Gamble, the focus of their attention was about a dozen men, most of them British-born, and from a corner of south Birmingham known locally as Muslim Central. All of them were of Pakistani origin.

Some of them had apparantly followed the well-trodden path of travelling to Pakistan where they were put in touch with extremist groups which could offer their own brand of terror training. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates needed some new tactic to terrify their enemies in Britain.

The July 7 attacks on the London transport system had seen the first homegrown suicide bombers to strike in the West. Subsequent bomb plots were foiled, not least because the police got wise to would-be terrorists trying to buy the materials they needed for bombs. Kidnapping a British Muslim was seen as simpler and far more sinister. There were plenty of websites instructing new recruits how to stalk then seize their victim. These sites stressed the need for publicity.

As brilliant as it is evil, the plot would have instantly struck terror in the heart of non-radicalized British muslims, causing them to withdraw from non-muslim society for fear of being targeted and killed by their own co-religionists. Contrary to the constant screaming of muslim "activists," Muslims have far less to fear from the hands of non-muslims than they do from the jihadis determined to make all muslims toe the party line. Fear and intimidation are the dominant societal mechanisms in every muslim society, so it should come as no surprise that muslims have imported them into the West along with themselves.

And, as usual, the fountainhead (with all apologizes to Ayn Rand) for this is Pakistan. Virtually every muslim terrorist operating in Britain has been traced back, by origin or support to Pakistan. If Britain were governed in the interest of the British people, all tourism and immigration between the UK and Pakistan would be immediately and indefinitely suspended. That would seal off the principal source of jihadi training, personnel and material support.

It also bears constantly repeating that there would be no problem of Islamic terror in Britain if there were no muslims there to begin with. Muslim terrorists must first gain access to non-muslim societies in order to attack them. There is little fear or chance of a major muslim attack in, say, Japan, because there are precious few muslims there - and the Japanese are extremely keen on keeping almost every one who isn't Japanese out.

But Britain is not governed for the benefit of the British people, who are increasingly viewed as an inconvenient remnant in their own country. The British government has decided to remake Britain as a multiracial, multicultural nation - and is in the process of importing a new people and supressing the native populace and culture to make this so.

And they are reaping the whirlwind.


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