Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Hate Crime the Media Won't Report

When members of the almost all-white Duke University Lacrosse team were accused (falsely as it turned out) of raping a black stripper, it made headlines across the nation. When three murderous white thugs brutally and obscenely murdered a black man in Texas, the story was carried by every newspaper. Both cases and several other instances of white on black crime (actual or merely alleged) have received enormous national media attention, spawning endless talk show and editorial page hand wringing over white racism and the racist nature of American society.

When a young white couple is savagely raped, tortured, murdered and their bodies are desecrated by a group of black thugs, however, there are no headlines in the major papers, no discussion on TV, no talk of "hate crimes," no marches, no protests, and except for local and regional media, as little media focus as possible. Now, why is that? And why, for all the angst-ridden debate over isolated incidents of white on black crime is there absolutely no discussion of the actual inter-racial crime statistics in the media?

If Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom had been black and their murderers white, would the media have remain virtually silent about the case? Would its horrifying details not have been spilled over the pages of every major newspaper in the country and made the grist for discussion on every talk show? The answer is obvious. Why white Americans tolerate this is less so.


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