Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Immigration Hurts ... Immigrants, Too

Mass immigration - whether legal or illegal - actually inflicts economic harm on immigrants by driving down their wages and reducing their tendency to assimilate to the host nation's culture, a study finds.

WASHINGTON -- The economic progress of immigrants in the United States is slowing, a trend that does not bode well for future generations, a study released Wednesday says.

The trend is partly due to a larger influx of immigrants with lower levels of education who earn less money, said the study by the Economic Mobility Project, an initiative of the nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trusts.

The study says, however, that immigrants continue to experience upward mobility in the United States and become more affluent with each generation.

"The economic assimilation machine continues to be a powerful force," said John E. Morton, managing director of economic policy at Pew. "But in recent years we have seen notable downward trends. Wages are decreasing substantially for both first- and second-generation immigrants, raising questions about the degree of future potential economic mobility."

Recent immigrants are poorer compared to native-born Americans than at any other time since World War II, it said.

The study was based heavily on data from the Census Bureau, which does not identify immigrants as legal or illegal.

Admitting a tidal wave of low- and unskilled immigrants from cultures totally alien to your own doesn't help anyone - aside from the people whose goals are either driving workers' wages down or destroying the culture of the host country. In America's case, the former doesn't much care if the latter succeeds, so long as there are plenty of people to landscape the gated estates at a cheap price.


At 9:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the truth.

We have allowed the rich to isolate themselves in expensive suburbs and walled or gated communities with private security (and even private police forces, or de facto private police forces in 'toy towns' that pull over any car that has a liscense plate code indicating its not from the are).

The rich do not fear the waves of poor immigrants because the only time they see them is when they are busing tables or in their lawnboy outfits or are babysitting for them in maid costumes. If they lived near them, shopped with them, had their children go to schools with them, and actually had to interact with them, they'd fear MS-13, Kurdish pride, the various Jamacian gangs and the like like they feared the Bloods and Crips in early eighties Los Angelos before the practical fort-ization of new neighborhoods and walling-off of existing ones.

Sometimes I wish we could make all private schools illegal, and make all walls-around any subdivisions illegal, all doormen illegal, and make wealthy youth go to school in gang-ingested minority schools where the boys would routinely be beat up and the pretty white girls raped by the same minorites that the wealthy claim are "vital" to the economy. Your head would swim at the speed the wealthy would suddenly claim "we dont really need any of these peasants" and can get by without them.

What we are seeing is the feudalization of the country where there are 'castles'-(rich areas with security), and poor areas with social problems. Thats why the wealthy dont give a fig. And in their defense, if your economic competition is insourcing cheapie foreign labor, you are sort of forced to just to compete. I blame the political leaders whom facilitated this at the behest of globalist the most. We are in for some interesting decades ahead-----that are going to be painful. Im relatively young and unfortunately will have to live through this shit, unlike cheerleading assholes like Jack Welsh and the like.


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