Friday, May 16, 2008

Noonan Nails It.

In her most recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan manages to sum up the reason that the GOP brand has stagnated, and is surely trundling toward an electoral bloodbath of historic proportions in November. Noonan notes that Republicans have lost three special elections in the last several weeks in traditionally GOP-controlled districts, sparking a panic among the GOP establishment in Washington, which seems unable to grasp why it is in trouble. She quotes RNC leader's take on the situation:

"This was a real wakeup call for us," someone named Robert M. Duncan, who is chairman of the Republican National Committee, told the New York Times. This was after Mississippi. "We can't let the Democrats take our issues." And those issues would be? "We can't let them pretend to be conservatives," he continued.

Noonan then acidly notes:

Why not? Republicans pretend to be conservative every day.

And with one pithy, sarcastic remark, Noonan explains why the GOP has fallen out of favor, not only with its own base, but with the majority of Americans. And why the current GOP leadership is temperamentally incapable of turning the party around.


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