Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wonders of Racial Diversity on Long Island

Come see the paradise:

A Long Island school was on guard on Tuesday after two days of fighting led to dozens of suspensions at Hempstead High School. District officials took action against the troublemakers, fearing the violence would escalate.

They held up their suspension notices like badges of honor. One dozen Hempstead High students kicked out Tuesday, separated themselves by racial and ethnic affiliation.

"I am just trying to defend myself and my friends. That's it. I don't know if it is racial," suspended student Brian Gomez said.

Added Johnathan Vega: "They be groupin' up, and I just had to defend my people and that's what I do."

Suspended Jhakim Morrison blamed the school for the incident.

"No security in there … everybody for themselves," Morrison said. "What do you expect … a bunch of Hispanic kids coming at a bunch of black kids."

Following two days of fighting that spiraled out of control, and the cancelling of the homecoming pep rally, police from Hempstead Village and undercover officers from Nassau County Police joined school security in returning peace to the school on Tuesday, patrolling the campus perimeter and walking the hallways, quelling another day of confrontation.

Apparently, Hempstead, Long Island, can now be referred to as a "vibrant" community. Just like all the other hell holes.

The article ends, naturally, on an upbeat note:

Teachers in class Tuesday told students to focus on positive dreams for their futures, reminding them the governor of New York is a Hempstead high grad and that a minority is running for president.

Well, of course, that will make everything so much better.


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