Monday, November 08, 2004

No More Pretense!

"It's absurd that (the United States) is spending as much as it's spending to stop immigration flows that can't be stopped … instead of using that money on real threats that pose risks for both countries."
These are the words Mexican Interior Secretary Santiago Creel said to reporters as a high-level U.S. delegation arrived in Mexico City over the weekend to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries. In Secretary Creel's mind it is "absurd" for the U.S. to want to defend its borders - and it's pointless anyway, since Mexicans will continue to pour across the U.S.-Mexico border whether the U.S. wants them to or not. Well, at least the Mexican government no longer feels compelled to hide its intentions behind diplomatic language. Is there any way that this cannot be described as an invasion?

And what will President Bush do in his second term to defend the U.S. southern border and stem this inflow of illegal immigrants who are bankrupting American public services and driving down the wages and living conditions of lower class workers? Answer: Nothing - except maybe kowtow before Vincente Fox in an even more humiliating manner than he did in the first term. This is what now passes for conservatism.


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