Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mexico Wants to Overrule US Voters

The Mexican government, much annoyed by Arizona voters who approved a referendum limiting public services to illegal aliens, has signaled that it may challenge the law in "international tribunals." Apparently, after four years of President Bush's consistent kow-towing, Mexico now believes that it can legally erase the will of American voters. In an interview on Spanish-language W Radio, Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez proclaimed that Mexico would seek to overturn the Arizona law by all available means.
"We are seeking all the legal opportunities that exist, first using the legal capacities of the United States itself and ... if that does not work, bringing it to international tribunals," Derbez said.
Proposition 200 requires that proof of American citizenship be shown before residents of Arizona can apply for state benefits. Mexico has formally protested the law. Though exactly, which "international tribunals" would have any legal ability to affect American domestic law, Mr. Derbez did not identify. Nonetheless, his comments make clear the extremes to which Mexico is now willing to go - and apparently feels free to announce - in order to increase the ease with which millions of Mexicans can enter and occupy the US.

If anyone doubts Mexico's true intentions regarding the influx of illegal aliens passing across the US-Mexico border, one need only listen to Mr. Derbez's own comments. When it was pointed out to Mr. Derbez that fully 40 precent of Mexican-Americans living in Arizona had voted for the referendum, Mr. Derbez inadvertantly let the proverbial cat out of the bag.
"It's sad and it gives an idea of how we have to work to educate even our own Mexican-Americans about why it is important that these proposals are not accepted," Derbez said.
"Our own Mexican-Americans?" Is Mr. Derbez acknowledging that Mexican-Americans aren't really Americans at all, in the view of Mexico, but rather Mexicans who should be acting in Mexico's interest? What other conclusion could be drawn from such a statement, and from the actions of the Mexican government regarding the illegal immigration problem. Mexico has done everything possible to encourage millions of Mexicans to cross the US border and change US domestic policy to favor - or, at least, overlook - the influx.

If the US or any European state was acting similarly toward an ethnically non-European country, it would be called colonization.


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