Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Door Left Wide Open...

Last Tuesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller, told Congress that suspicious individuals - some with possible al-Qaida affiliation - may have crossed the US-Mexico border. On Thursday, Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, on a visit to Mexico City, confirmed that US intelligence is aware that al-Qaida is trying to slip across America's borders.

"Indeed we have from time to time had reports about al-Qaida trying to use our southern border but also trying to use our northern border," Rice said. "There is no secret that al-Qaida will try to get into this country and into other countries by any means they possibly can."

Recent intelligence from current investigations, detentions and other sources suggests that al-Qaida has considered using the Southwest border to infiltrate the United States, according to testimony from a top Homeland Security Department official last month before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

This begs the questions: why has the administration repeatedly and deliberately refused to properly secure the border and fund substantially augmented border security? Why does the White House insist on allowing millions to cross the US-Mexico border to the detriment of American workers, culture and security? And why do the American people tolerate this?


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