Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ilegals and Democrats Assail Schwarzenegger

California Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger feels the rage of leftists and immigrants for daring to call for the defense of the US-Mexico border.
Hundreds of immigrants joined by Democratic minority lawmakers called Monday for the ouster of Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying his support of armed citizen patrols on the Mexican border was 'terrible,' 'irresponsible' and 'discriminatory.'

The so-called Minuteman Project involves hundreds of volunteers, some armed, who have been patrolling the Arizona border since April 1 to document and report incidents of illegal crossing. The group is planning its first California patrols near San Diego in August.

'Today, we're here to fight back' against what President Bush has denounced as vigilantism, said Assemblyman Hector De La Torre, D-South Gate, among a string of Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area lawmakers who addressed demonstrators outside the state capitol.
Note who the leftists cite to support their position: the pro-open borders, supposed-conservative George W. Bush.
'We're here to yell and scream and stand up to the bullying that's coming out of that building,' De La Torre said.

With next year's gubernatorial elections looming, Assemblyman Albert Torrico, D-Newark, said Schwarzenegger has 'become an embarrassment to our state.'

'Let's show him the back door to the capitol. Let's send him back to Hollywood,' Torrico said, drawing thunderous approval from a chanting crowd that waved signs like: 'Arnold said close the borders: Go home now (governor).'
Leftists, who wish to use illegal immigrants to advance their political agenda, do little else but yell and scream. But apparently they do so with the full backing of the Bush administration and the GOP leadership in Congress.
Assemblywoman Wilma Chan, D-Oakland, told the demonstrators 'this is a country of immigrants' so it's 'very surprising there's still so much discrimination.'

'We have to tell our governor we don't want vigilantes with guns standing on our borders,' Chan said. 'We want health care, we want decent education, we want care for our elderly. That's what we're fighting for today.'
Well, there it is. Ms. Chan doesn't want anyone guarding the borders. In fact. she very likely would erase the US-Mexico border if she could. Her real goal is to advance her quasi-socialist agenda to provide free healthcare, education, housing and eldercare to anyone who wants it at California's taxpayers' expense. Illegal immigrants are merely the most powerful mob she can mobilize to support her goals. And the GOP, by failing to support Governor Schwarzenegger and defend the border, is playing right into the left's hands.


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