Friday, May 13, 2005

Muslim Sensibilities

Muslim advocacy groups are quick to pounce on anyone suggesting a link between Islam and terrorism or violence, or anyone who questions the compatibility of Islamic culture with Western values. Those who dare raise such questions are denounced as racists. Governments who decide to restrict immigration from Muslim nations - usually after a rash of Islamic violence, i.e.. the Netherlands - are similiarly accused of "Islamophobia." Of course, not every government wants to restrict immigration from the Islamic world. Under its current socialist regime, Spain has declared that it will not restrict immigration and will continue to welcome immigrants - legal and illegal - from the Islamic world. If the Spanish want a good example of what they are letting into their country with this policy, they need only look to a recent incident in the Canary Islands.
A 16-year-old boy was beheaded by another youth at a centre for immigrants in the Canary Islands.

The Moroccan boy was killed last night at the centre in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, which is popular with expats and holidaymakers.

The savage killing took place after an argument between ten young Moroccan youths.

The cause of the argument has not been established by authorities who are investigating the crime.
The Spanish courts have moved quickly to stop any more details of the ghoulish crime from reaching the ears of the Spanish public - lest they draw politically incorrect conclusions about the behavior of Muslim immigrants. Recall that beheading is the killing tactic of choice amongst most Islamists.
The weapon which was used to hack off the boy's head has been seized by police, who refused to reveal any more details after a judge imposed an order to stop banning details being disclosed to the media.

But authorities at the centre insisted regular checks were made on the youngsters who were detained at the centre to stop them bringing in weapons.

It is thought the killer must have hidden the weapon and smuggled it into the centre.

It would also indicate that the killer had planned the crime beforehand and it was not simply an instantaneous killing.

Police sources, quoted by the local newspaper 'La Provincia' said it may have been an argument over drug-trafficking.

One minor has been arrested for the murder and was being questioned by police.
With hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Morrocco and the Middle East currently flooding into Spain, the Spanish have quite the bright future to look forward to over the next several decades.


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