Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mass Immigration's Fruit: al Qaeda in Europe

As Islamic terrorists continue to produce nothing but mindless carnage in Iraq, slaughtering other Muslims by the hundreds in pursuit of their vile ideology - and revealing the true face of Islam for all to plainly see - European intelligence experts are becoming increasingly alarmed that European Muslims, radicalized by Islamist propaganda and worked into ecstasy by the images of Iraqi bloodshed, will join the global jihad.
Counter-terrorism experts meeting in Israel this week say the war in Iraq has given new impetus to [Abu Musab] Zarqawi's growing al-Qa'ida network in Europe.

The EU's counter-terrorism co-ordinator, Gijs de Vries, said: "The trend is clear. As was already apparent in the Madrid attack and the killing of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, Europe has become both a target and a source of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam. No longer is Europe only a base of support for attacks carried out elsewhere in the world.

"European societies have become an integral part of Dar al-Harb -- the domain of war," he told an international conference on terrorism in Herzliya.

"What Europe is confronted with today is a global insurgency, based on extremist interpretations of Islam, and perpetrated by internationally operating terrorist groups, as well as by individuals and loose networks acting in the spirit of jihadist ideology."

Actually, what confronts Europe today is the direct consequences of the suicidal open-door immigration policies pursued by various European governments over the past 30 years. Convinced by the political left that European culture and Western Civilization is inherently racist, imperialist, classist, Europe threw open its doors to the Third World, permitting millions of non-Europeans from cultures very alien to Europe swarm onto the continent. Europeans were told, by their intellectuals and governments, that they had to accept this alien invasion, that their cultures, laboriously built over centuries, would now have to share their homelands with other, alien, cultures - forced, in other words, to compete with an ever-growing number of cultures on their home soil. Those who warned Europe about the eminently forseeable consequence of this idiocy like Enoch Powell, were castigated as racists or worse.
Germany's director of intelligence co-ordination, Ernst Uhrlau, said the Zarqawi network had taken the place of al-Qa'ida as the avant-garde of Islamist terrorism. He told the conference the war in Iraq had allowed the Jordanian militant to establish an international network unlike anything European governments had encountered in decades of fighting terrorism.

"It is looser than al-Qa'ida, more diffuse and well-connected to Iraqi society, where it seems to co-operate with former regime elements on a wide scale," Mr Uhrlau said.

While Zarqawi had declared his allegiance to Osama bin Laden, he clearly operated independently.

The warnings came as Israel said the unimpeded flow of people and goods across the Gaza-Egyptian border since Israel's pullback from the Gaza Strip might have permitted a massive inflow of not only weapons to Gaza but of al-Qa'ida operatives as well. So far, the terror network had apparently failed to infiltrate Israel.

Of course not. Israel has been living face to face with the reality of Islam for half a century. Israelis know better than to permit Muslims to immigrate to Israel in large numbers. They know exactly what would happen if they did. But more importantly, Israelis don't hate themselves. They don't hate Israeli culture or Jewish ethnic identity. They would not willing seek to dissolve their country through legalized invasion. They have too much self-respect. The same cannot be said for either Europeans or Americans.


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