Thursday, April 06, 2006

Compromised Nation

Commenting on today’s "breakthrough compromise" on immigration reform emerging from the US Senate on National Review’s The Corner blog, John O'Sullivan pithily dismisses the deal:

If this is a compromise, what on earth would surrender look like?

The Senate deal, as outlined in news accounts, is a complete and unabashed surrender to Hispanic activists and open borders lobby. Illegal immigrants who have remained, in open defiance of American law, in the US for more than five years get amnesty and a fast-track to citizenship. Illegal immigrants who have been in the US for between two and five years must be reprocessed through an immigration facility (an airport for example) and then are promptly back on the fast–track to citizenship. Those here for less than two years must return home and come back legally.

This compromise is a slap in the face to the millions of immigrants who came here legally, and to the millions more who are trying to come to the US through legal means. It is also represents a total abandonment of the Senators’ constitutional duty to defend the territorial integrity of the US. As O'Sullivan notes, it may well prove the suicide note of the GOP.

I can see why the Democrats favor such a bill. It is a giant Democratic voter registration scheme paid for by the federal government. Maybe this one action will save them electorally from all their other follies. But the Republicans are voting for their own marginalization--in the long term because they are importing low paid workers likely to vote Democrat; in the short term by ensuring that the continuing battles over this legislation (with noises off coming from illegal immigrant demos sheltering under the Mexican flag) will drive their base ever more nuts as the election approaches.

Any bill that emerges from Congress granting amnesty for illegal aliens living in the US is an affront to basic morality and poison for American nationalism and culture. It must be opposed, and those Senators who sponsor and back it held accountable.


At 1:59 PM , Blogger Boxing said...

Totally agree, this bill is ridiculous. Besides, who is going to know how many years these illegal aliens have stayed here? This bill is basically providing amnesty.

We should really get angry, and have a march of our own.


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