Monday, October 23, 2006

Derbyshire on England's Orwellian Nightmare

Writing for VDARE, the indispensible John Derbyshire eloquently illuminates the underlying motives of those behind the arrest of Codie Stott, the English student whose only crime was wanting to sit with other students who spoke her language (see earlier post). Derbyshire easily sees the incredibly Orwellian tactics now employed by the promoters of multiculturalism, and the their ultimate vision, and choice of victims. The column is worth reading in full, but the conclusion stands alone as a perfect analysis of the whole issue.

When she [Codie] is a little older, she may perhaps reflect on how odd it is that after forty years of angry controversy, after the transformation of entire English towns and city districts into simulacra of Karachi and Dhaka, after race riots and jihadist bombings—after all that, illiterate (in English, at any rate) Muslim South Asian peasants are still pouring into England in numbers apparently uncontrolled, and are being granted courtesies, dignities, and privileges which the native English are denied.

If, after reflecting on this for a while, Codie should come to the conclusion that the land of her ancestors has gone drooling, gibbering mad, who will say she is wrong?

Not me.


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