Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Colonization of America Continues

In Oregon, and elsewhere, the influx of Mexican immigrants has caused the public schools to adopt a new technique in teaching students. That technique is to simply adopt Mexican public school curriculum:

Some Oregon high schools are adopting Mexico's public school curriculum to help educate Spanish-speaking students with textbooks, an online Web site, DVDs and CDs provided free by Mexico to teach math, science and even U.S. history.

The Oregon Department of Education and Mexico's Secretariat of Public Education are discussing aligning their curricula so courses will be valid in both countries.

Similar ventures are under way in Yakima, Wash., San Diego, Calif., and Austin, Texas.

"Students come to us with such complex issues," said Tim King, director of Clackamas Middle College and Clackamas Web Academy, where a virtual course using Mexico's learning materials got started this week.

"We've had to change in order to fit into each school scene, become more complex and open ourselves up to new situations."

What Mr. King actually means is that his schools have had to become less American and more Mexican to deal with the influx of Mexican children - children who apparently intend to remain Mexicans no matter how long they stay in the U.S. or how much money American taxpayers lavish on their education. Mr. King's statement perfectly sums up the looming danger of America's current immigration mess: immigrants are arriving, both legally and illegally, in such numbers that it is America that has to change to accomodate them, and not the reverse.

Open borders advocates, of course, don't want to hear about this. If you point it out you are a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe or a vigilantee, according to President Bush and his cadre of open-borders sycophants. Of course, for them, America is just a "proposition nation" with no unique culture or demography to be defended. Indeed, to achieve the America they want, the old one must be destroyed. Ordinary Americans, increasingly, are looking around the towns and communities and realizing that their country is being transformed into an alien land, without their consent. Stories like this for Oregon demonstrate how bad the situation is becoming - and highlights the need to bring a complete halt to all immigration, both legal and illegal. Now.


At 11:20 AM , Anonymous John Lindsay said...

Well said. New Sisyphus echos your comments. I recall my sixth grade teacher telling us in 1964 that America would never be defeated militarily, it would be defeated and conquered from within. We are witnesses to this prophesy. When our elected officials actively promote sedition and lawlessness, we are near civil chaos and the end of the republic. May God help us.

At 2:14 PM , Blogger hollywoodkids said...

We need accountability. We need to be able to have more say in how our tax dollars are spent.

I think immigration law is clear, that if there is no attempt to assimilate, like learning the English Language or American History, then there can be no citizenship given.


Quid, pro, quo.

Give and take.

You come and take, but won't meet our very generous terms even halfway.

Every inch taken feels like the group taking it has even more rights the less they follow our rules.

Where is the sense in that? Is there any other country in the world that would allow me to break in, demand a free education in my language, and then allow me to ignore the local laws and customs?

Well? I'm waiting for an answer.

At 6:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The USA is either going to be swallowed by Latin America or we will wake up and let OUR VOICES be heard by the slime in washington.Everytime they are vocal, be more vocal, call and write your represetatives, get your neighbors to sign it! It is a plot by international economic forces to dump the underclass of unwanted poor from Mexico onto the backs of the taxpayers in the USA. They ply us with ridiculous equality rhetoric to make us feel guilty, nice propaganda work there. We are giving our nation away. Did you know they can get free tuition at colleges but poor kids here hav eto hold 3 jobs to stay in college.It's a damn travesty. Shut your TV and be politically aware. America is at deaths door. After election 2008 the nails are final in our coffin. A democrat equals unfettered immigration. That means 15 million x 4 family members each at an influx of 50-70 million hispanics. Think about that, all eligibale for our tax $$ as benefits and welfare, education, etc. That is why nations elect fascists to stop things like this. Throw out all incumbents and make your voice LOUD!!

At 8:54 PM , Anonymous R said...

Before taking up arms against the human beings that cross the border only in an attempt to escape a dysfunctional government in their own country that allows no social progress due to what amounts to institutionalized incompetence; before putting strangers, people whose lives and troubles are unknown to you, in the cross-hairs everyone has the responsibility to find out what's really going on.

The legal and illegal immigrants that come from 'south of the border' are no different in their aspriations from you and me, and so when faced with difficult circumstances simply try to remedy the situation.

They shouldn't be coming here, that is a fact.

Most of them would rather not, that is a fact.

If you understand these two realities, then the larger reality, the one that is FORCING this migration will be easier to understand, and furthermore will become more and more obvious allowing you to take the kind of action that will truly put a stop to massive migration.

Confronting immigrants and accusing them as intruders will serve the purpose of those who thrive on divisive issues, namely those who need votes, the politicians who are, in totto, serving the wishes of the true power in this country - money.

Think of it this way, anytime you feel the urge to walk up to a hispanic behind a theatre concession stand and tell that individual to go back where he came from, or if a sudden craving to pack a rifle, a lawn chair and a pair of binoculars and head for the border arises, think how you empower the mexican political class - the very oppressors immigrants are trying to rid themselves of - who will seize any opportunity to reproach the neighbor to the north (read american political class), a neighbor which in this case is more than willing to play the part to further the interests of their overlord - money.

Deal with people as people.

Deal with money as paper.

And never confuse the two.

At 9:14 PM , Anonymous prodson said...



At 4:41 AM , Anonymous Wolfenstein said...

This, unfortunately is more zionist North American Union crap. These nation wreckers understand that if they can successfully merge the US and Mexico that they can easily divide and conquer. It's very simple to control a populace that culturally, has very little in common. Of course this is not for the greater good of anyone. It's just another way for the financial robber barron corporate scum to skim another few percentage points of top.

At 7:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I had my way:
#1. No anmesty.
#2. Deporataion of all illegals.
#3. No Spanish TV, Radio, Newspapers, Ect.Ect..
#4. Any Government employee who assist,or makes suggestions of assisting illegals to stay here or obtain public assistance,would be tried for treason and shot.
#5.Armed Americans should volenteer to patrol our Southern borders, and use lethal force to halt this invasion from the third world.
#6. Any Illegal alien invader caught in America a second time would be executed and his or her cremians would be sent to the Mexican Government.(With the deepest sympathy of the American people and a warning to stay home).

At 8:48 AM , Blogger Speeders & Drunk Drivers are MURDERERS said...

The illegal alien problem could be solved overnight and at no cost to america. The federal govt and the states should announce that there will be no prosecution for crimes against illegals. Then they'd leave on their own. Illegals have no rights.

At 9:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no law that can protect America's Southern Border as well as two million properly deployed claymore land mines. The instant someone asks,"Do you speaka da Spanish",they should be detained until either they display their green card. No green card instant deportation.

At 9:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the reason the mexicans (and others) don't wish to assimilate in America is because they can see we're a bunch of chumps. Who wants to be a chump?

At 10:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their are quite a few ignorant and violent "answers" to the imigartion problem. Here's a three part, effective and realistic, solution that will not dishonor our country : Move the public to call for prosecution of officials not upholding their oaths of office for treason. Confiscate business who have knowingly employed illegal immigrants and gift them to unemployed Americans. Stand in solidarity with the Mexican people to uproot corrupt officials on both sides of the boarder. As an addendum, start a fund to educate some of the retards posting at this site.

At 10:21 AM , Anonymous Paul G. said...

"You come and take, but won't meet our very generous terms even halfway."

"Every inch taken feels like the group taking it has even more rights the less they follow our rules".
WOW kind like what the white ur a peeing's did to the native's 200 yrs ago.I say what comes around goes around.YOUR 200 YEARS ARE UP..

At 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Theri is nothing anyone can do at this stage. As the constitution itself is wrestled into the Canadian Constitution all that remains is that people are left with hunting rifles and nothing else from the 2nd amendment and presto the Canadian constitutio is now America's too.
Of course Mexican kids will be given everything, you see America's money to pay for it comes from China AMerica is bankrupt.
As America lurches from crisis to crisis,AMericans will come to understand,that they are living under a dictatorship and have been infiltrated by Canadians and jews for a long time.
So long infact that now the Canadians and jews will set down the laws, forget about liberty and freedom ,those quaint ideas
are the first to have been tossed.
take a look around you tell what you see ,does your eyes tell you lies.
Remember that As this great Canadian excercise takes place across America it is your last chance to grow up and become
mature lest China drop the usd and you grovel in the dirt
Sop play the fife lowly and beat the drum slowly these are the days when the dirge is the only song that can be song when you see with eyes that tell you truth

At 6:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice to all self-respecting European Americans

Self-empower yourselves by empowering the Spanish Americans in your midst. Spanish Americans have been here (the USA) since 1598 and have come and continue to come from every country in Latin America as well as directly from Spain.

Why don't you know this? Why haven't you heard this before? Because official US policy is that Spanish Americans do not exist. This policy of ethnicide goes back to the founding of the US when the US coveted Spanish territory.

Spanish Americans are "deemed" to be non-White or mixed-breeds. This same destiny awaits all European Americans if the Zionists get their way. The Spanish Americans survive in the shadows awaiting their moment of destiny.

Wake up, European Americans!

At 8:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you all.illegals also pay taxes that are never claim and return to them. don't be crying about how your taxes are spend. blame your president , your representatives and for most part blame your country, southern states where once part of latin america and they will be again....

At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Ms Taletha of Texas said...

To anonoymous

You need spelling lessons as well as history lessons, amigo

The land was your land for thousands of years. You did nothing with it. Europeans arrived and introduced civilization. After the US - Mexico War, the land was purchased by the USA in 1848. That's history. Deal with it.

Ms Taletha of Texas

At 7:59 AM , Blogger Bill said...

One word of advise: STOCKPILE AMMO


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