Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Scenes from the Suicide of Britain

In Britain, the best housing is reserved for those who can't afford it.

A mother-of-five claiming benefits is living in a detached home worth £1million - with taxpayers helping fund her £25,000 annual rent.

The luxury five-bedroom home with two sitting rooms, a conservatory and a double garage is being paid for with housing benefits handed out by her local council.

Situated in a smart north London street, the £1million home is out of the price range of most families in the UK. The average house price in Britain is £224,064.

But it gets even better. This plucky mother of five is ... wait for it ... a Nigerian immigrant! Naturally.

Nigerian single mother Omowunmi Odia moved her family into the home two weeks ago and last night said she was pleased to be living there - although she criticised the large house for having a small bedrooms.

The family had been living in a cramped flat before the move.

'I was living in a two-bedroom apartment with my five children and only moved in here two weeks ago,' said Mrs Odia, who is in her thirties.

'They didn't have any council houses big enough for me so I found this one. I like it; the children like it,' she added.

Mrs Odia has been living in the UK for 10 years and is entitled to the home under government rules.

Mrs Odia, who drives a six-year-old family car, had been threatened with homelessness when she was forced out of her flat when a court order was obtained against her.

She was rehoused by Barnet council in the spacious property in Edgware, bought by its owners in 2005 for £650,000 but valued at £1million at the height of the property boom.

Mrs Odia said the council had tried to rehouse her in Enfield, north London, but she had held out for Edgware, close to her children's schools. One of the bedrooms, she said, was 'no bigger than a shoebox'.

She lives off state handouts and has not been in contact with her husband, who remains in Nigeria, for at least three years.

Well, there you have it. The British government is importing unproductive aliens from the worst parts of the Third World and then subsidizing them as they produce litters of equally unproductive children and billing the British taxpayers for the privilege of watching their nation commit demographic and economic suicide. Isn't democracy glorious!

But no one should complain about this. No. That would be racist.


At 12:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And they voted in Gordon Brown......right?

The US had a similar quandry between Juan McCain and Barack Obama. The primary process in the USA was gamed by the Establishment to marginalize the majority quite well, and we ended up with the establishment's choice candidates with McCain only getting 30% of the primary vote, hardly a ringing endorsement, much of it based on people who couldn't concieve that a war "hero" would be so pro-national suicide.

If I were a disinterested observer from say.....China, I would bet the West will more or less destroy itself in about 150 more years and become..............ruins like Detroit is now (google Detroit ruins sometime when you want to get into a bad mood).


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