Thursday, December 04, 2008

Muslim "Assimilation" Down Under

The Australian government has permitted tens of thousands of Muslims to settle inside the country. And how is that kindness (read: foolishness) repaid?

A BRISBANE Islamic school has banned the national anthem at assemblies and sacked the teacher who asked for it to be played, The Courier-Mail can reveal.

Australian International Islamic College teacher Pravin Chand was sacked in November, four months after his proposal for students to sing Advance Australia Fair was ruled to be against the "Islamic view and ethos".

A memo sent to teachers at the Durack school in July and obtained by The Courier-Mail, also said "the singing of the anthem will be put on hold".

The revelations follow an outcry on the Gold Coast this week at a plan by the same college to open another campus at Carrara. A vocal crowd draped in Australian flags accused the college of promoting segregation, anti-Australian values and even terrorism.

Muslim leaders slammed the protests as "un-Australian" and claimed religion should not be used as a reason to protest against a school.

School chairman Imam Abdul Quddoos Azhari yesterday denied the anthem ban and said students sang it "at every function".

But Mr Chand, whose version of events was backed by a second teacher, said he had not heard the anthem once this year.

"No national anthem to me means no integration with Australian kids," Mr Chand said. "Western values (at the school) are a no-no.

"It's like a paramilitary camp that place."

Mr Chand's employment was terminated by the college board last month on the grounds he was "not fitting into the school's ethos".

Similar stories of Muslim refusal to "assimilate" into the Western cultures of the nations to which they choose to immigrate are now legion through Europe, North America and Australia. Yet, despite the mounting evidence that large numbers of Muslim will never assimilate - and are actively hostile to the native cultures of the countries they are trying to colonize - Western leaders still mumble meaningless blather about "assimilation" and cooperation and tolerance. If Western leaders sound more and more disconnected from reality - it's because they are.

If Australia had any sense of national dignity or self-worth, it would instantly close the college and deport every student, administrator and teacher and their families. But suicide is the goal down under, not survival.


At 11:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pytheas wrote:

....."are actively hostile to the native cultures of the countries they are trying to colonize"

Ive come to the conclusion that our elites actually WANT some terrorism on our own shores as justification to make Western societies stratified police states anyway. Ive also come to the conclusion that our elites want to do away with our pesky middle classes. Cyncial, I know..........but my God Pytheas watch their feet. No sane person at this point, after watching Europe's experiences, would be itching for more Muslim immigration.

Ive harped on this point for years, but when our elite began to "internally withdraw" from the rest of society in ultra-expensive private schools and gated communities with private security around them, they'd start to care very little about the average American's plight. They themselves are physically protected and the consequences of their own actions will not haunt them. Brazil is this way.

As Steve Sailor has pointed out, apparently the Bushes like what they seen in Latin America as far as the elite's place therein and the distribution of wealth there.

If you look at our geopolitical-social situation, it makes a kind of perverse sense: The elite despise the striving middle class more than anything (always have). What better way to "divide and conquer" it than to bring in cheap labor, outsource as many jobs as humanely possible, price college out of reach for the white ones who dont get freebie scholarships very often explicitly, and allow the pesky white middle class to get outnumbered ethnically. The elite still own the shares of the I-banks and deeds, and majority stakes in corporations, etc.

Its the only thing that makes sense to me as they simply cannot be stupid enough to think that radical Islam (which is Islam as read from the Koran) is ever going to even attempt to really assimilate. Their goal is to outnumber and take over.......period. Just read their literature, they say it themselves.

At 9:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radical Islam is not Islam as read from the Koran. Are you an idiot? Radical Islam is culturally cultivated.
I'm sorry for empahisising the sound cull as you talk about wiping out an entire community. Whoops. One shouldn't be so flippant.
A refusal to integrate or to assimilate does exist, there's no denying it; women refusing to remove the head and face scarves. Radical, dude. White men in Thailand refusing to keep their feet down on the train. Swathes of tourists failing to cover their shoulders in the temple. People in Scotland refusing to wear the kilt. People in nazi germany failing to give the heil.... I know, I know, too far. That's too much. That's too much assimilation; we just want a wee bit.
The Koran doesn't say woman must wear the hijab or the burkha. The Koran doesn't say out number and take over. Neither does the bible. But Christians used it to barge around the world wiping out and out numbering. Bush and Blair tried it not so recently.
'Their' literature might say it but the Koran doesn't. It's offensive to suggest that any majority of Muslims or Arabs are reading that literature. Most Arab women don't wear the burka. Some don't wear the hijab.
Muslims who want to live in Western cultures; who choose to live in our society should enter our society with all the will to integrate and accept what is different in our society, that is undoubtedly true. Any hesitance to do so is annoying, I find it unacceptable. At what point do I consider it terrorism?

I say take off the face scarf please, so I can talk to you. But I don't say, take off your head scarf lest you are carrying a bomb in it.

Any organisation (especially a school) which denies a race/regligion/nationality is a reason to be afraid. How many of these do we have? These mass Islam schools? Hundreds? Thousands?... One?

Where do you live that you are surrounded by all these militant arabs? I live surrounded by arabs, I work with them, I teach them. So far noone's tried to deny me any rights. One Saudi calmy explained to me that in his city women and men can't sit in a cafe together, as we sat in a cafe together in the west end of Glasgow. Hm... Another Saudi from another city sat and exclaimed, 'come on! give us a break!', outraged that this perception of his country might be promoted. In his city, an hour away from Read, women and men can share a croissant.
It would seem some arabs just refuse to assimilate with the stereotype you irresponsibly propel.
Damn, they're reluctant to assimilate with anything, those arabs.

(The school in Australia? Did that happen? Why should the school sing an anthem? Is that the law in Australia?.. Is that alright?)

Do write back and tell me I've missed the point. Please do. I'd rather be wrong than be right and worry that you could be so wrong.

Anti australian sentiment is unacceptable, please don't misunderstand me.
G'day, ya shiela. Who'll come a waltzing matilda with me.

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