Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Believe that Children Are the Future ...

In which case, we are heading straight toward a dystopia of urban-nightmare proportions. Consider the proclivities of some high school students in Valparaiso, Indiana.

The three Portage High School boys accused of terrorizing fellow students on their bus route are a step closer to being tried as adults.

The Porter County Prosecutor's office has filed papers to waive the three from juvenile court to adult court. A hearing is expected in March.

According to the filing, the juveniles are Ashley Javon Toney, 17; Joe Francisco Carnell, 17; and Charles McCloud-Smith, 16. All are from Portage.

McCloud-Smith faces the most charges if charged as an adult, five of them felonies that include sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, two counts strangulation and intimidation. Four misdemeanors include public indecency and criminal recklessness.

Court records state that he's accused of inappropriately groping one girl, trying to choke and force another's face to his exposed genitals and making a blowtorch on the moving bus from a can of deodorant and a lighter. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

Toney would face three counts of felony sexual battery against three girls and a felony confinement charge, accused of holding her against her will. His three misdemeanor charges would be public indecency, criminal recklessness and disorderly conduct. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

Carnell faces three felonies and three misdemeanors. His felony charges are attempted sexual battery, strangulation and intimidation. He allegedly pushed a girl's head toward McCloud-Smith's genitals and threatened to kill another girl because he was "sick" of her and said he knew how to kill her and disappear so neither would be found. His misdemeanors are two counts of battery against two girls and criminal recklessness. The highest felony carries a sentence of up to eight years.

Naturally, the mainstream press has carefully scrubbed the news reports of this incident of any mention of race, which means, when put through the Political-Correctness translator, that the alleged perpetrators are black. And sure enough, that is the case.

As America's demographics continue to change, this is the sort of behavior that will only increase.


At 8:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left has brought the miscreants of the world to rot the apple (USA) from the inside-out. They have done a fine job. Much more effective than the Soviet military build-up could have ever been.

Breaks one's heart. School was wonderful when I was a lad, but I didn't go to school with "students" like this, just boring, polite, attentive, humble white children. I guess I missed on the benefits of diversity.


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