Monday, May 11, 2009

We All Share This One Earth, Unfortunately...

Multiculturalists are always telling us that all cultures and peoples are equal in innate abilities, cultural achievements and moral sentiments. Any perceived differences in said qualities between different races and cultures is simple racism (that is, when white Western people dare to notice). So, when reading the following, remember that all cultures are equal and you are a bad, bad person if you think otherwise.

GOVERNMENT troops sodomised pygmies in March in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, believing they would gain supernatural powers, a regional rights group said.

"Some soldiers from the 85th Brigade sodomised three male pygmies to gain supernatural powers and protection in Kisa village in Walikale territory,'' the Human Rights League of the Great Lakes said.

"The village chief was stripped and (sodomised) in the presence of his wife, his children and daughter in-law.

"The children in turn were stripped and raped in front of their father."

It said armed groups in the region also abused the pygmies.

Elderly citizens and children were also being raped by the armed groups and wayward FARDC soldiers in eastern DRC, it added.

Not to worry, though. The US is currently annually admitting thousands of immigrants from all the better parts of Africa.


At 5:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its amazing isn't it?

Only one non-West African man has ever run the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds (a mix of Irish and Aboriginal), yet we cannot politically-correctly state that these people might be faster than others.

We can admit that Ashkenazi Jews (average IQ-113), South Koreans (average IQ-107) are not smarter than Aboriginals (IQ averages in the upper 70's) or black Americans (IQ averages in the mid 80's).


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