Thursday, November 03, 2005

Paris Burns While the Media Spins

As Paris endured a seventh day of rioting, with escalating violence spilling into more of the city’s Muslim-dominated suburbs, the international (read: leftist Western) media has been working tirelessly to obscure the unpleasant truth of what is happening in the fast-fading "City of Lights." Consider CNN’s account of the violence, which attributes the rioting to Parisian "youths" throughout the entire first three quarters of its account. Someone unacquainted with the situation reading this "news" report might conclude the rampaging "youths" were, well, French. Of course, that’s exactly not what’s happening, and CNN knows it. Only at the very end of the report are the "youths" properly identified as Muslim immigrants and not native French.

But as if to excuse itself for the politically incorrect offense of revealing that the perpetrators of the violence in Paris weren’t white Europeans (the sole source of all evil in the world, according to multiculturalist doctrine), CNN quickly affixes blame for the rioting on … wait for it … white French society.

The rioting began last Thursday in Clichy-sous-Bois after two teenagers were accidentally electrocuted and a third was injured while apparently trying to escape from police by hiding in a power substation. Officials have said police were not chasing the boys.

But the original cause has been all but forgotten as residents of other communities -- weary of poverty, unemployment and discrimination against the large immigrant and Muslim populations -- have vented their frustration.

Let’s see, the French allowed these Muslims to settle inside their nation, permitted them to worship and prosyletize Islam freely, showered free housing and other benefits on them, and yet when these ingrates rise up and burn the city, whose fault is it? Why, it’s France’s fault! Is there any Muslim country that allows non-Muslims to immigrate en masse and set up their own, permanent communties inside its borders? In fact, is there any non-Western country that permits such a thing? If not (and there isn't), then why not? Answer: non-Westerners have a strong sense of their ethnic and cultural identities, and are adamant on protecting those identities. Westerners, on the other hand, have been told incessantly for the past thirty years that Western culture is racist, imperialist, classist, warmongering and morally inferior to even the most primitive societies, and that protecting Western culture is racist and immoral on its face. Ideas have consequences. The Paris riots are the natural outcome of multiculturalism and the open borders policies promoted by multiculturalism. And the riots are only just the beginning.

In some areas, unemployment runs as high as 20 percent -- more than twice the national average, de Villepin told lawmakers.

Incidentally, this inadvertant admission means that unemployment is running at a national average of ten percent in France. Another great benefit of socialism – perennially high unemployment. It’s surprising that CNN left that in.

Jean-Louis Borloo, minister for social cohesion, said officials need to react "firmly" to the unrest but that France also must acknowledge its failure to deal with decades of simmering anger in the impoverished suburbs of Paris.

"We cannot hide the truth: that for 30 years we have not done enough," he told France-2 television, AP reported.

Borloo also urged people not to have a one-sided view of the suburbs.

"One must not think for one second that this is the life of these neighborhoods," Reuters quoted him as saying. "They are an integral part of our country. It is in these neighborhoods that most companies are being founded."

Well, that says it all, doesn’t it? The Muslim mob has won. The French government, terrified by the violence in its street and the demographic change it heralds, has no intention of restoring order. The Muslims sense this and they will press the advantage. The French are no longer willing to defend what it means to be French. Multiculturalism has come close to achieving its real aim in France: the obliteration of French culture and ethnic identity. France will simply ceded more and more of its territory to non-French immigrants (much as the Germanic tribes slowly consumed the Roman Empire) until France is no longer French. The same will happen throughout Europe unless someone there grows a backbone and stands up to defend European culture. But that won’t happen in France. They are too far gone. Future historians will look back and draw a line at this date and say, "this marks the beginning of the end of France as a Western European nation."


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