Monday, September 21, 2009

A Glimpse of the Future (the emerging UK Dystopia)

Britain is sowing the seeds of its own demise, much like almost every other Western nation, through mass immigration, welfarism, and the cultural fragmentation and decline that these things encourage. Evidence of the type of future citizen that Britain is producing can be found in a recent article in The Daily Mail.

The first time I saw Tuggy Tug, he was standing on a street corner in Brixton with half-a-dozen other 15-year- old boys. They were scowling at anyone who walked past

Every now and then, they shrugged up their hoodies to make themselves look more threatening. 'Everyone who bumps into us says sorry,' boasted Tuggy Tug.

Under his black hoodie, he wore a red one - in case he needed a quick change of identity.

He was, he admitted, on the lookout for someone to mug. 'I want no one recognising me after I done my business,' he explained.

And exactly who are the heroes for such a teenager? You probably guessed it.

His heroes were rap stars and the older drug-dealers in his area - 'I know a man of 21 who owns five houses and he never went to school.'

Based on that observation, Tuggy has formed the fantasy that after five or so years of drug running he can change careers and somehow afford a nice middle class lifestyle, complete with a house and golf hobby. Given his lack of education, skills or resume of legal employment, however, Tuggy is unlikely to ever attain his dream, and his frustation is likely to insure that his continued path down the criminal path will be increasingly violent.

Tuggy is, in fact, a perfect example of the burgeoning British crime problem.

Worst of all, the number of violent crimes carried out by children and teenagers has increased by a third in just three years.

The number of boys under 18 who were convicted or cautioned over violent offences jumped by 37 per cent over the same period - compared with a rise among adults of less than one per cent.

And most of those who were caught went straight back to back to crime: 82 per cent of these boys aged 15-18 were reconvicted within two years.

The decay cuts across all layers of British youth.

Tuggy Tug's chances of having a decent childhood, it became clear, had been weighted against him from the start. As a black boy from a low-income Caribbean background, he belongs to one of the two categories most likely to fail at school and least likely to break out of poverty.

White boys from low-income families perform worst: 63 per cent are unable to read and write properly at 14 (compared with 43 per cent of white girls from a similar background).

Black working- class boys do not do much better: at age 14, 54 per cent cannot read or write properly.

Statistics that Britain can surely be proud of. Decades of socialist governments and the welfare state have clearly transformed Britain into a worker's paradise.

Between 2000 and 2007, almost four million pupils left school without gaining the basic qualifications of five good GCSEs, including English and maths. Nearly a million pupils left with less than five GCSEs of any grade.
Unlike previous generations, the boys who spill out onto our streets don't quickly grow out of delinquent behaviour.

What happens in school smashes their lives, leaving them antisocial-semi- criminal and dependant on welfare.

Which means we, the taxpayers, have to pay astronomical sums to keep fit young men idle. Youth unemployment, which has just hit 726,000 - its highest level in 16 years - is now costing us well over £90million a week.

And that's not all, of course. Illiterate young men with no other way of proving themselves or of making a living are likely to turn to crime. In 2004, the annual cost of youth crime in Britain was calculated at more than £1 billion - and it will be far higher now.

Single-mother-run households are at the forefront of this societal decline, as might be expected.

The number of children living in loneparent households - almost all headed by a single mother - has more than doubled in 25 years.

And what happens when these boys go to school? Despite the billions thrown at education by the Government since 1997, nearly every one of the teenagers I interviewed, as well as quite a few of the men I met in their 20s and 30s, was unable to read or write properly - or had only learned in prison.

A black car mechanic in his 50s, from Brixton, told me: 'Back in the Caribbean, we were taught the three Rs, but that's gone out of the window. After that, everything breaks down.'

The influx of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, many from countries bearing no cultural resemblence to Britain, has made a bad situation very much worse.

Meanwhile, the arrival of large numbers of skilled immigrants willing to work for low pay has left disadvantaged working-class boys sidelined and unable to land a low-paid job that might lead to something better.

According to the Statistics Commission, of the 1.7 million new jobs created since 1997, a whopping 81 per cent have gone to foreign workers.

The Department For Work And Pensions is jawdroppingly candid about the reasons for this.

UK citizens are on the dole because of 'issues around basic employability skills, incentives and motivation' it says.

And what motivation is there for many working class young people when they realize that even if they stay in school and work hard, there are no jobs waiting for them after graduation since immigrants have been brought in to take the jobs that might have been theirs - for far less than they would have been paid.

In a seaside town, I spoke to a 22-year-old man called Dave about how these issues have affected his life.

Like so many others, he had failed to learn to read at primary school, dropped out at 14 and joined a gang.

Now, however, he yearns for 'a decent job' and a home for his girlfriend and baby daughter.

Unsurprisingly, his lack of education has left him qualified only for menial jobs, which are hard to come by.

'When the council advertised two dustmen jobs,' he said, 'there were 100 applications.'

The local job agencies warned him he had no chance because he was English. 'Poles do all the jobs around here,' he told me.

When Dave did finally manage to secure a job for the minimum wage, he encountered the other major problem facing young men - benefits.

In fact, the financial adviser at the Job Centre - whose wages are paid by the taxpayer - gave him a staggering piece of advice. He told him to turn down the job.

'I'd have had to pay my rent, council tax and utility bills and lost my benefits,' Dave explains.

'At the end of the day, I would have been £30 worse off.'

The evidence that mass immigration is destroying Britain - and the rest of the West - is so manifest, so obvious, that it is astonishing to watch how it can amass like flood waters swirling around everyone's feet and yet so few are willing to demand the the floodgates be closed. Like lemmings, British politicians, who see the carnage in front of them, continue to inflict the wound, like drug addicts injecting themselves with heroin, even as the gaze at their emaciated, sore-ridden faces in the mirror.

And so, what was once the mightiest nation of Earth, slowly slides into the dustpan of history, its leaders and intellectual class the source of its own demise. No external enemy could have defeated the British people as thoroughly and devastatingly as they defeated themselves. The intellectuals villified Enoch Powell when he warned of exactly this future. Now, that it has come to pass, the leftists who created the dystopia look everywhere for scapegoats, save in the mirror.


At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its heartbreaking. Ive read about whats happening in Britan on several blogs. They will need a police state just to keep the peace there in ensuing decades. Its a manufactured dystopia by the island's own elite. Hell cant be hot enough for the people who designed this---intentionally.


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