Monday, September 28, 2009

The Terrorist Merry-Go-Round

The recent discovery of a nascent Islamic terrorist plot to bomb New York reveals the enormous danger to which the current "open borders" immigration policies have placed the American people.

The lead conspirator in the plot, Najibullah Zazi, is an immigrant from Afghanistan. His father, who also immigrated to the US, and has been implicated in the plot, is, reportedly, a naturalized American citizen. Nevertheless, their allegance to their homeland - and Islam - is readily apparent.

The government has said in court papers that Zazi has extensive ties to Afghanistan and that his wife and children apparently live in Pakistan.

Zazi "and others" traveled to Pakistan in August 2008, returning in January 2009. While in Pakistan, he attended courses and received instructions on weapons and explosives at an al Qaeda training facility in one of Pakistan's northwestern tribal districts, federal authorities have said.

Pakistan is the nexus of Islamic terror. Virtually every Islamic terrorist who has been apprehended in the US or Europe has spent time in Pakistan, including the lovely little British-born Muslims who bombed the London subways. Why then, does the US - not to mention Britain - continue to permit people to travel back and forth between the US and Pakistan? Reason: political correctness. The US government, under Bush and now Obama, refuses to identify Islam as the source of the violence against US or in any way recognize the incompatibility of Western and Islamic cultures.

This obstinate refusal to see the stark reality before us means that the US and Europe blindly continue admit thousands of immigrants from a part of the world that harbors profound and lethal hatred of the West. These immigrants are then permitted to return to their homelands for refresher courses in radical Islamism and terror training. It is as if the governments of the West are actively working to help the terrorists.

President Bush used to trot out the intellectually bankrupt argument that the US had to "fight them over there to keep from fighting them over here," in support of the war in Iraq. In truth, we will have to fight them over here because we (and that includes the Bush administration) let them in.

If the US government wanted to keep the American people safe, it would forbid any immigration from, or travel to, Islamic nations associated with terrorism. But the forces of political correctness won't allow that, ever. And so that Zazi's the live amongst us will continue to plot and conspire, and, eventually, succeed.


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