Friday, November 20, 2009

Some People Get to Celebrate Their Heritage, While Others Don't.

Anyone who has listened to news or talk radio in recent years, particularly in the Northeastern US has had to suffer the irritating jingle of Kars4Kids commercials which seem to run every two minutes on some stations. While the commercials lead listerners to believe that by donating their old cars to the charity they will be helping children in general, it turns out that, in fact, only one group of children will actually be on the receiving end of any funds received:

All of the money raised by Joy for Our Youth (a.k.a. Kars4Kids) -- $16.2 million in 2007, according to their tax returns -- gets funneled to another charity called Oorah, which is never mentioned in the radio jingles or the billboards plastered along many major highways. Oorah is a Jewish religious organization whose stated mission is to heighten Jewish childrens' awareness of their heritage.

Among other things, the group provides scholarships for religious education and hosts a summer camp.

Of course, the advertisements never even hint that Kars4Kids is a Jewish charity, or that the money is used to raise awareness of Jewish heritage. This is amusing because so many Jews are in the forefront of the multiculturalist/political correctness movement (i.e. the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, etc.). Yet these same people - who do everything to smear and destroy anyone who takes pride in their European (and particularly Northern European) heritage as vile racists - seem to have no trouble extolling and promoting Jewish heritage. Gentiles, on the other hand, are not generally afforded the same privelege, so long as they are white.

Other than the hidden agenda of Kars4Kids, there also appears to be some other deception as well:

Not only do the radio commercials neglect to mention that's where the money goes, but the charity also dangles a free vacation offer as a sweetener -- not divulging, of course, that it's stocked with its own hidden agenda, including a required upfront payment from the donor and "the opportunity" to go to a timeshare sales presentation.

The '"free vacation" offers and lack of clarity regarding where funds actually go caught the attention of the states' attorneys general offices in Oregon and Pennsylvania this year. Both have taken action against the charity for deceiving donors and failing to register the organization in their states.

The Oregon Attorney General's Office charged that Kars4Kids "misled Oregon consumers about 'free' vacation offers and the charity's religious purposes."

"Kars4Kids also failed to disclose that its 'free vacation' offer was designed to recruit people to attend timeshare presentations. This is significant because deposits, cancellation fees and other conditions can end up costing consumers more than a "free vacation" is worth. In addition, receiving goods or services in exchange for a donation can eliminate the tax deductibility of the donation," the office said.

In its promotions, Kars4Kids makes the vacation offer seem like the donor is receiving something in exchange for their donation. Yet, in its dealings with the Oregon's attorney general's office, it argued that the voucher had virtually no value, according to documents obtained by WalletPop.

Nice. But at least no one will accuse them of racism.

Update: Reading the comments posted to Jackson Diehl's column is illuminating. The leftists - mostly the American ones - appear to be in a full blown panic as the sense the fate of their great Venezuelan hope, which is entirely satisfying.


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We need a positive european-identity movement here. It would be nice to see awareness of the medieval, greek, roman, colonial, and antebellum periods of white history taught here so that white kids will know where they came from, and celebrate the tremendous achievements of THEIR ancestors*****

*****White kids need to know that white people (usually white men) invented or discovered gravity, electricity, trains, cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, modern sanitation, air conditioning, central home heating, computers, software, modern drugs, modern surgery and medical innovation, x-rays, lasers, space travel, ocean-liners, nuclear energy, satellites, radios, microwave ovens, cameras, video recorders, telephones, and virtually every other major modern technological advance that makes life bearable. Just think of where we would be without something whites invented as simple as refrigeration?

White kids need to know this, and to know that they shouldn't be feeling "guilty" about their past because a few rich whites decided they wanted slave labor in early United States history, or feel guilty about wanting to enforce our immigration laws. They have so little, comparitively speaking, to feel ashamed of.........yet liberal educators indoctrinate them with an endless guilt trip from about the fourth grade until graduation now. In some cases it apparently starts even earlier.

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