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The Open Borders Alliance

Have you ever wondered just why the US media seems to enamored with illegal aliens, and so ready to slander anyone who argues in favor of border enforcement? Or why so many US politicians are deathly afraid of the immigration issue - even though every poll indicates that Americans overwhelmingly support immigration restriction and oppose amnesty for illegals? Well, the reason is the open borders immigration and amnesty for illegals is popular among one small segment of the American population ... but that one small segment is an incredibly powerful one:

Jewish communal support for immigration reform is organized around several principles, including the need for a path to legalization for illegal immigrants; a mechanism for dealing with future immigration waves; speeding up work on family unification; integrating new immigrants into American society; and finding, as Jewish immigration advocates put it, an “effective and humane” way of enforcing immigration laws and border control.

This last point seems to be a growing concern within the Jewish community, said Jane Ramsey, executive director of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs based in Chicago. Ramsey, whose organization has been working closely with Hispanic groups, stressed that while both communities strongly support immigration reform, there is still a need to instill in members of the Jewish community the importance of the issue, which for most Jews carries a symbolic, not personal, importance.

“Our community is one step removed,” she said, “and therefore it is very important to make it real for people by interacting with the Latino community.”

While the Jewish organizational world is essentially united on this issue, some have argued that the Jewish rank-and-file is not on entirely the same page as communal leaders.

The supposed divide between religious leaders of various stripes and their rank-and-file was the focus of a recent survey, sponsored by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based group that opposes granting illegal immigrants a path to legalization and instead argues that many will return to their home countries if immigration laws are better enforced. That poll, which was conducted online by Zogby International in December, found that Jews were roughly equally divided between those who prefer a stepped-up enforcement approach and those who prefer granting legal status with a path to citizenship.

Jewish immigration advocates have questioned the survey’s methodology, but they agree that there are diverse opinions within the community. Yet the CIS poll also found that Jews were still considerably more likely than members of other religious groups to support granting legal status to illegal immigrants, a finding that immigration advocates say rings true.

The organized Jewish community is more committed than ever to immigration reform. A letter supporting immigration reform, which will be sent out to all Senate offices in early February, was signed by dozens of national Jewish organizations.

Joining forces with the Hispanic community has been a longstanding goal for Jewish groups. But what seems to be a rare chance to reform immigration laws has helped galvanize the relationship.

The above cited article refers only to a growing Jewish-Latino alliance regarding immigration, but the truth is that American Jews have long agitated for open borders immigration and amnesty for illegals.

Throughout the entire period from the late 19th century to their eventual victory in 1965, Jewish pro-immigration efforts were characterized by strong leadership, generous funding, sophisticated lobbying techniques, well-chosen non-Jewish allies, and good timing. The most visible Jewish activists, such as Louis Marshall, were intellectually brilliant. They were enormously energetic and resourceful in their crusades on behalf of immigration as well as other Jewish causes.

This full court press exerted by Jewish organizations included intense and chilling scrutiny of immigration opponents, such as Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, and of organizations like the Immigration Restriction League. Lobbyists in Washington also kept a daily scorecard of voting tendencies as immigration bills wended their way through Congress. They engaged in intense and successful efforts to convince Presidents Taft and Wilson to veto restrictive immigration legislation.

Much of the effort was done more or less surreptitiously so as not to fan the flames of anti-Jewish sentiment. (Open anti-Jewish feelings were fairly common during this period, stemming from resentment at Jewish upward mobility, the great numbers of leftist political radicals in the immigrant Jewish community, and dislike of the newcomers’ perceived strong ethnic sense.) Jewish organizations supplied the funding for pro-immigration organizations such as the National Liberal Immigration League and the Citizens Committee for Displaced Persons. Non-Jews from eastern and southern European countries were recruited to protest the effects of restrictionist legislation on immigration from those areas.

Jewish opinion is not, naturally, monolithic. A number of prominent Jews have begun to understand the perils of mass immigration to the US, both to the US itself and to Jewish interests. However, Jewish supporters of immigration restriction are relatively few in number, and their influence remains marginalized in the American Jewish community. Thus, the dominant pro-immigration, pro-diversity beliefs held by liberal Jews continue to enjoy widespread prominance in the mainstream media, which is largely dominated by liberal Jews (though one is never, ever supposed to say that out loud). A quick examination of the organizations and individuals advancing open borders immigration, multiculturalism, diversity training and assaults on traditional American culture reveals an overwhelmingly disproportionate Jewish presence. Given the media influence and political power of the American Jewish community, so long as liberal Jews continue to embrace the pro-immigration/open borders agenda, it will be extremely difficult for immigration restrictionists to make any headway in securing US borders, or reducing immigration - legal or illegal.


At 7:50 PM , Blogger Brittanicus said...

September 11, 2001 should have been the fulcrum to seal the borders tight? Instead of roll playing by our government and not pandering to Wall Street and the open border agenda. The National Guard should have been stationed along our national fronts and not sent to some far distant country? The previous administrations along with the latest groups in Washington, preferred to put American lives in Jeopardy. Just as always campaign contributions come first, disregarding the "Rule of Law." and restricting access to our nation. September 11, should have been the turning point when instead of building a one-fence system, its original planning should have commenced under the guidance Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Ca). His initial design should never have been compromised by political collusion with the parasite business organizations. The construction of two separate fences, with open location between the rows for the rapid movement of US Border Patrol and the National Guard for picketing in between.

We now need a commitment from those in power to enforcing our immigration laws. But as usual American safety comes--LAST--behind the unceasing lines of illegal aliens and their families. As Usual its left for taxpayers to forfeit extra taxes to pay the financial tab for supporting the millions of illegal immigrants, when it should be the--BUSINESS--partnership with rogue politicians and the National business organizations that--SHOULD BE DEMANDED--to pay for their upkeep? After all the ordinary man/women in the street, never welcomed them here? All border states live on the edge of a smoldering volcano, ready to erupt at any time. California is broke, followed by Arizona in a close race to insolvency.Whereas Arizona has just past harsh laws to stop illegal aliens taking legal residents jobs and the sponging mechanism of welfare entitlements. But the California Liberals in Sacramento cannot justify in saving their State from financial crisis caused partly by the illegal immigration invasion. Partly by unparalleled incompetence. Perhaps the California governor is correct, even though is critics say no, to building prisons in Mexico. It would rid California of dangerous gangs that have permeated the State and elsewhere, like a toilet that hasn't been flushed for years? Illegal immigrants from South of the border, would think twice in criminal acts and being deported, as American prisons are like halfway house to the inmates compared to what awaits them South of the fence? For a short time Washington did enforce the border with the National Guard, but since have employed them in the Middle East.

Now America security is at stake, by cultivating free trade with Mexico with the free movement of goods. This is not limited to border security, but our shipping container ports that are not sufficiently guarded either from some murdering religious zealot smuggling in a nuclear devise. Our legislators are deliberately ignoring the chance of dangerous incursions by foreign nationals with those murdering intentions. Once the twin towers fell, politicians should have enforced our Northern and Southern borders, to even rescinding The Posse Comitatus Act, by a vote of Congress and placing our regular military on the thin national line. In our immediate future, when terrorists attack our nation--this is When and not If? The ultimate blame will be with pariah business organizations, many unions, faith groups with the leaders usurping of US Immigration law from the Vatican, open border organizations and anti-American groups as with La Raza. El Quada planned the monstrous nightmare in New York for many years, as they will again--biding their time. Their patience is unnerving, because they will wait until our guard is down. They are very aware that some politicians will sacrifice Americans in the name of free trade and gorging on imported cheap goods, while our own exports remain stagnant.

At 7:51 PM , Blogger Brittanicus said...

Now we hear that Ben laden is making inquiries of Weapons of Mass Destruction around the world. Likely he is looking to Russia--the old Soviet Union, where many WMD's have remain unaccounted for in military inventories. Politicians like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano have left us wide open to a terrorist attack, because of massive underfunding of the border walls and immigration as a whole. E-Verify which can in the majority of cases identify illegal immigrants. 287 (G) giving our police forces the right to question any suspicious individual and detain them for ICE. The fact that drug dealers in Mexico are collaborating with foreign combatants, to infiltrate the United States. Zeta's are paramilitary recruited from the Mexican army to work with the drug king pins, as enforcers against other cartels. However, now the have moved into the narcotics battle in major cities, but are also involved in human trafficking and other obnoxious crimes.

Yet our border remains very flimsy against any assault upon this sovereign country. Even Mexico has Federal troops on the border with Guatemala and Belize and anybody desperate enough to illegally enter are thrown into prison or disappear without a trace. Only voting against incumbents and those who believe in enforcing immigration laws should ever reach Washington. We have had to many years lawmakers who have catered to the wealthy Robber--corporate--interest--Barons, who believe its their right to cheat the American people.Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asked for your Senator or Congressman. In addition bombard your State Representatives to enforce state laws. NO MORE AMNESTIES, MAKE E-VERIFY PERMANENT , FULLY FUND 287 (G) FOR LOCAL POLICE AND RESUME EXPANDED ICE RAIDS. Learn more at NUMBERSUSA dot com, JudicialWatch dot org and Americanpatrol dot com

Latest Immigration News:
San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sun
Cost of teaching English learning students in SB County $34M
San Bernardino County public schools are spending more than $34 million in state and federal money this school year to educate English learners, a group whose population has doubled since 1995. -- That amount doesn't include additional funding for services and programs available to English learners as well as other students.
Salt Lake Tribune:
Gaps on the border: US agencies at odds
After a 20-minute drive into a federally protected stretch in Arizona, retired Forest Service employee Mark South points to an aging, four-strand barbed-wire fence separating the United States from its southern neighbor. -- "See that fence? That's Mexico," South says... [Much of what the Tribune is claiming is a fence isn't a fence at all.

At 6:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

many are in silent agreement with pytheas assertions on this matter

there are over 200 countries on this earth poor mexicans can immigrate to if they dont like mexico, they dont all have to come to the united states....

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