Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The "Religion of Peace" Marches on!

As Muslims in the US and Europe continue to lament the "persecution" that they face as a result of western "Islamophobia," it is useful to consider the very real, very deadly persecution suffered by non-Muslims unfortunate enough to live in Muslim countries. From Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country:

Masked, black-clad and brandishing machetes, the attackers sprang from behind a screen of tall grass and pounced on the four Christian girls as they walked to school. Within seconds, three of the teenagers were beheaded — fresh victims of violence that has turned this Indonesian island into yet another front in the terrorist wars.

"All I could do was pray to Jesus for his help," said Noviana Malewa, 16, who fled with a gaping head wound. "I was streaming with blood." A thick scar runs from the back of her neck to just under her right eye.

Muslim fighters are blamed for the October killings, the most gruesome yet in a campaign of terror against Christians on the island of Sulawesi.

Muslim-Christian violence from 2000 to 2002 killed some 1,000 people in Sulawesi and attracted Muslim fighters from across Indonesia, including from Jemaah Islamiyah, a homegrown network linked to al-Qaida, and from the distant Middle East.

Despite a peace deal, bombings, shootings and other attacks on Christians have continued, especially around the small town of Poso.

Don't expect the mainstream media to document these atrocities on primetime TV, however. That would expose the politcally correct, multiculturalist idea that Islam is a religion of peace as utter fraud. Better that the Muslim atrocities in Indonesia be relegated to the back pages of a newspaper, the same way the Muslim violence in Africa, Phillipines, India, Australia, Thailand, Bangledesh, France, Spain, Italy, Palestine, Israel, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia is either ignored, downplayed, or reported in such a manner as to expurgate any reference to the religious identities of those committing the violence. Such is journalism in the contemporary west.