Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jewish Hypocrisy

Jews are always foremost amongst leftists in denouncing white Americans and Europeans for racist thoughts, actions and institutions. Indeed, the racism charge has been used by Jewish-run organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center to impugn virtually every non-Jewish American who falls afoul of their ideological dictates. Jewish journalists rail against white racism in every major newspaper and news organization. And Jewish activists like Tim Wise have put together college courses to demonstrate "white privilege" as the racist basis of American society. These same Jewish activists, journalists and intellectuals, simultaneously demand that the United States and Europe provide unqualified political support - and lots and lots of financial support - to Israel.

So what is the state of race relations in Israel?

A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday after the court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the complaint filed by the woman with the Jerusalem district court, the two met in downtown Jerusalem in September 2008 where Kashur, an Arab from East Jerusalem, introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. The two then had consensual sex in a nearby building before Kashur left.

When she later found out that he was not Jewish but an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault.

Although Kashur was initially charged with rape and indecent assault, this was changed to a charge of rape by deception as part of a plea bargain arrangement.

Handing down the verdict, Tzvi Segal, one of three judges on the case, acknowledged that sex had been consensual but said that although not "a classical rape by force," the woman would not have consented if she had not believed Kashur was Jewish.

But, of course, that's not racist, right?

And, not to worry, no media commentator or American politician will dare mention this case the next time Congress sends billions more American taxpayer dollars (mostly taken from those vile goyim racists) to Israel.