Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blinded to the Obvious Solution

Today's report that British intelligence officials are very worried that Muslim terrorists aspire to detonate a weapon of mass destruction on British soil hardly has the ring of "breaking news." Muslims have been fairly explicit about their desire to acquire WMDs, especially nuclear weapons for some time. Wanting a nuclear weapon, and acquiring one, are, of course, two separate issues. However, in the Guardian's coverage of the current warnings from the British government, the final parapraph stands out, not for what it says - which like most of the article is what was already well known - but for what doesn't follow:

British counter terrorism officials believe plots they have thwarted and plots they claim are being hatched have strong links to Pakistan. They say hundreds of Britons travelled in the past year to Pakistan for terrorism activity, including training in camps and acting as couriers for messages. Officials also believe Britons are taking cash to terrorists in Pakistan.

If we lived in a world in which Britain was run by men whose loyalty was to Britain's welfare, this paragraph would have been followed by a shorter paragraph explaining that, due to the terror linkage with Pakistan, all travel between Britain and Pakistan had been suspended, and that no further immigration from Pakistan would be permitted. The paragraph would also state that such restrictions had been in place since at least August 2005.

But we live in a world in which the leaders of Western nations are completely beholden, not to their countrymen's best interests, but to the dictates of political correctness and multiculturalism. Thus, even though British authorities know that travel between Britain and Pakistan and immigration from Pakistan pose a mortal threat to Britain, no effort is made to eliminate the threat at its source. The madness and rush to cultural suicide that multiculturalism has created among Western politicians is so entrenched that it is increasingly doubtful that even a WMD event inside Britain would compel them to close the door to the Islamic world - the source of the threat.