Thursday, December 04, 2008

Muslim "Assimilation" Down Under

The Australian government has permitted tens of thousands of Muslims to settle inside the country. And how is that kindness (read: foolishness) repaid?

A BRISBANE Islamic school has banned the national anthem at assemblies and sacked the teacher who asked for it to be played, The Courier-Mail can reveal.

Australian International Islamic College teacher Pravin Chand was sacked in November, four months after his proposal for students to sing Advance Australia Fair was ruled to be against the "Islamic view and ethos".

A memo sent to teachers at the Durack school in July and obtained by The Courier-Mail, also said "the singing of the anthem will be put on hold".

The revelations follow an outcry on the Gold Coast this week at a plan by the same college to open another campus at Carrara. A vocal crowd draped in Australian flags accused the college of promoting segregation, anti-Australian values and even terrorism.

Muslim leaders slammed the protests as "un-Australian" and claimed religion should not be used as a reason to protest against a school.

School chairman Imam Abdul Quddoos Azhari yesterday denied the anthem ban and said students sang it "at every function".

But Mr Chand, whose version of events was backed by a second teacher, said he had not heard the anthem once this year.

"No national anthem to me means no integration with Australian kids," Mr Chand said. "Western values (at the school) are a no-no.

"It's like a paramilitary camp that place."

Mr Chand's employment was terminated by the college board last month on the grounds he was "not fitting into the school's ethos".

Similar stories of Muslim refusal to "assimilate" into the Western cultures of the nations to which they choose to immigrate are now legion through Europe, North America and Australia. Yet, despite the mounting evidence that large numbers of Muslim will never assimilate - and are actively hostile to the native cultures of the countries they are trying to colonize - Western leaders still mumble meaningless blather about "assimilation" and cooperation and tolerance. If Western leaders sound more and more disconnected from reality - it's because they are.

If Australia had any sense of national dignity or self-worth, it would instantly close the college and deport every student, administrator and teacher and their families. But suicide is the goal down under, not survival.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New, Recommended Blog

The always fascinating John Derbyshire (National Review) and Heather MacDonald (City Journal) have teamed with Razib Khan (Gene Expression) and Walter Olson ( to create a new blog called Secular Right, which, as the name suggests, examines a broad range of issues from a non-religious/scientific, but conservative perspective.

Given the wit and intellectual firepower of its contributors, Secular Right is apt to create significant waves in the Blogosphere.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

In all of the media coverage of last week's vicious terrorist attack on Mumbai, India, in which unarmed civilians were slaughtered en masse by gun-totting cowards, what word did the U.S. media (CNN, the New York Times, etc.) almost never use in connection with the attackers?

The answer: Muslim.

Next question: Should anyone be surprised?