Friday, March 26, 2010

The Consistency of Hypocrisy

The New York Times has long been the left's most reliable public pulpit, daily dispensing propaganda to advance its pet causes: income redistribution, social justice and multiculturalism. However, it seems that "economic and social justice" is something that the Times' liberal owners and managers view as something only to be practiced by others, not by themselves.

Some New York Times Co. (NYT) staffers are boiling about their top executives' huge $12 million payouts in 2009.

Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s compensation more than doubled in 2009, to nearly $6million. President and CEO Janet Robinson also boosted her earnings by 32%, to $6.3 million.

During the same year, the New York newsroom lost 100 staffers to buyouts and layoffs, along with pay and benefit cuts at sister publications.

Clearly, Mr. Sulzberger and Ms. Robinson could have sacrificed some of their yearly compensation to keep lesser-paid staff employed, but chose not to. Remember that the next time you read a New York Times article or editorial critizing the greedy rich or any other company that lays off workers.