Friday, January 26, 2007

Zimbabwe Circles the Drain

The fallout from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's "land reforms" continues to land squarely on the heads of the people of Zimbabwe, rather like an anvil dropped from a great height.

Zimbabwe is facing a food deficit of hundreds of thousands of tonnes - a third of its requirements - an international monitoring agency warns.

The Famine Early Warning System says the cereal balance sheet projects a shortfall in maize - the staple food - of some 850,000 tonnes.

By December only 152,600 tonnes had been delivered, meaning widespread hunger looks set to continue.

Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe has fallen from one of the more successful post-colonial African nations (to the extent "successful" can be applied to any of them), to an economic basketcase beset by hunger and hyper-inflation. Mugabe's brilliant plan of stripping white farmers of their farms, which were then turned over to Mugabe's cronies and patrons, has resulted in the collapse of the country's agricultural industry.

The Zimbabwean government has refused to allow outside agencies to carry out crop assessments but the Famine Early Warning System used satellite images.

The government plans to import 565,000 tonnes of cereal - 60% of the projected deficit.

"It remains doubtful that Zimbabwe will be able to meet their import goals," the Famine Early Warning System said.

The monitors said a slight increase in national maize production, higher prices for South African maize and Zimbabwe's shortage of foreign currency due to its economic crisis were the leading causes of the lower levels of imports.

Zimbabwe has been gripped by an economic crisis for more than six years and has one of the world's lowest rates of life expectancy and the highest inflation rate.

Donors blame government mismanagement and the seizure of white-owned farms for Zimbabwe's economic problems.

President Robert Mugabe instead blames an international plot to remove him from power.

Well, of course.

Actually, Mugabe is not without his supporters. He remains popular in Africa, is warmly received by the likes of Hugo Chavez (now well on the way to doing to Venezuela more or less what Mugabe did to Zimbabwe), and has signed various commercial agreements (of increasingly dubious value) with China. It goes without saying, that Mugabe and his family have amassed great wealth as their nation starves, including three farms confiscated from productive farmers under the "land reforms," and now used as estates.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Awful Truth on Channel 4

Britons are all a-twitter over the way a woman of Indian extraction has been mocked by her white, English cast mates on UK Channel 4's "Big Brother" reality show. Shockingly, two of the cast's white house mates made fun of her Indian accent, among other derisive remarks. This, it seems, is sufficient to spark cries of "racism!," protests by minority groups, and denunciations by politicians. By constrast, another program, which appeared on Channel 4 has drawn no such outrage, even though it showed people insulting the religious beliefs of others and calling for the murder of Britons. Why the contrast? Well, because the two people making derisive comments on the "Big Brother" show were white, while those calling for murder were Muslim. Writing in the Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn lays out the stark facts.

Secret filming of incendiary sermons at some of Britain's leading 'moderate' mosques reinforced the findings of Sue Reid's investigation in last Saturday's Daily Mail into Islamic rabble-rousing in the Home Counties.

It would be sloppy shorthand to describe the revelations as 'shocking'. Alarming, maybe, but not much of a shock.

This documentary only served to confirm what many of us have long taken as read - namely that what is preached inside a substantial number of Muslim places of worship in Britain is diametrically opposed to what 'community leaders' say for public consumption.

Over four months, Dispatches recorded an assortment of mad mullahs calling for 'jihad' (holy war) against the 'kuffaar' (unbelievers).

Muslims are urged to hit women who refuse to wear the hijab, kill homosexuals, reject British law and democracy and set up in this country an Islamic state within a state.

Praise is lavished on those who kill British soldiers, particularly the Taliban. "The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulder," screams one imam at the Sparkbrook mosque, in Birmingham, which has been hailed by Tony Blair for its contribution to its "multi-faith and multicultural activities".

The unrelenting message is one of Muslim world domination and denigration of 'infidels'. At the nearby Green Lane mosque, Channel 4' s undercover reporter was directed to a secret website where the popular convert Abu Assama preaches that Jews and Christians are the enemy of Islam and it is the duty of all Muslims to fight them.

Green Lane mosque, bankrolled by Saudi Arabia, is the headquarters of the radical organisation Markali Jamat Ahi-Hadith, which is affiliated to the 'moderate' Muslim Council of Britain.

At the Regent's Park mosque, in London, as well as many others throughout Britain, DVDs disseminating the most disgusting slurs on the 'kuffaar' are on open sale.

When confronted with the videotape evidence, the operators of these mosques - you know, the moderate Muslims - confess ignorance.

Needless to say, the 'moderates' who run these mosques deny any knowledge of the preachers of hate and their violent propaganda, which almost exclusively follows the teachings of the extremist Wahhabi movement in Saudi Arabia.

They claim not to be able to control what is sold in their bookshops or what is said in their mosques or community halls, which are hired to a number of outside groups.

If they popped their heads round the door for 30 seconds they wouldn't be left in much doubt.

Littlejohn then wonders aloud if such transparent excuses would be accepted from white conservative British organizations that just happened to let radicals promoting violence speak at their facilities. The answer is of course, no.

So how has the British government - which has gone so far as to detain in prison a white schoolgirl for the horrendous crime of objecting to being placed in a study group with students who didn't speak English - responded to the revelations about what is going on in Britain's moderate mosques?

The 'anti-racism' brigade aren't interested in these inconvenient truths about Islamic fanatics.

I looked in vain for any mention of this programme in the Guardian, or its mini-me, the Independent.

Nothing, nada, zilch.

Unless I missed something, it didn't even warrant a line on Channel 4 News, which immediately preceded Dispatches - even though cross-promotion is the lifeblood of any TV network.

Curiously, there have been no questions in the House, either.

Surely the police were investigating the Dispatches revelations with a view to bringing prosecutions for incitement to violence and racial hatred - especially against the backdrop of this week's London Transport terror trial.

Er, not as such.

Perhaps the Old Bill are too busy sifting through the e-mails about 'racism' on Big Brother.

Once again, a perfect demonstration that "mulitculturalism" and "anti-racism" mean only one thing: the suppression of dissent from white people, and the deliberate annihilation of Western culture in Western countries.